Giulia Archimede

Every object is a conveyor to express emotions in a way that would not be possible through the use of words.

I encountered my passion for matter, shapes and the artisanal sector with every step I took across my town, Florence. On these same steps my city and my father used to tell me about the antique bond between aesthetics and ethics. Bond that will animate every single one of my projects.

After pursuing classical studies, I deepen my academic career by focusing on interior and product design. I concluded my bachelor’s degree with a thesis about the concept of travel, entitled “The merging of shape, matter and light: Gmondo”. With this thesis, I set the foundations of my work to come in the following 2 years, filled with journeys and discoveries. Satisfying my curiosity by embracing numerous cultures, such as those of South Africa and Finland.

Discovering my surroundings but mostly myself.  While breathing Cape Town in 2014, year during which the city was the world’s capital of design, I found many inspirations to broaden my abilities in projecting furniture and wooden structures. Inspiration that I will deepen when i was admitted at the wood program of Alvar Aalto in Helsinki, where the Saie pavillon, final task of the year, is chosen by Archdaily as Best Student Work Worldwide. Back in Italy the strong Finnish influence was still fresh.

I concentrated on designing wooden furniture. After founding, in collaboration with LeftOver Design studio, the still existing carpentry BASE Milano, i experienced a lot and curiosity pushed me to work also with other materials, above all light, protagonist of my most important projects. What is presented in my works is a feeling, an emotion taking shape. Every object is a conveyor to express emotions in a way that would not be possible through the use of words. It is light that brought me to meet the company Castellani&Smith, who launched my lamp Alchemie in 2019 and my project Another Smith, a collaboration that aims towards an illuminated future.

  • Light Design
  • Sound Design
  • Interior Design
  • Interior Project
  • Interior Design
  • Wood Architecture
  • Wood Design

“The ones to win in life are those who believe most in their talent, those who have most hope in their own existence!”

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